Your Resume Can Be a Ticking Time Bomb

Man with time bomb isolated on whiteYour resume’s job is to get you interviews so you can show employers how much you would be an asset to their company.

Is your resume doing it’s job or getting in the way of your next dream job – making it a tick time bomb every time you apply for a job?

Studies show that if your resume is even seen by a real human, it will only get 6 seconds to plead your case to recruiters.  Those six seconds represent whether or not your resume gets you the interviews for the jobs you deserve.

Sadly, many resumes simply go into the trash because of small mistakes that were completely preventable. Don’t let your resume get thrown in the trash unnecessarily.

Does any of this sound like your situation?

  • Applying for jobs without getting called back
  • You know what you can offer employers, but they don’t seem to get it
  • You have great experience but not sure how to put in on paper on your resume
  • You don’t have a lot of experience in the fields you want to work and need help showcasing the experience you have
  • If given the chance, you would be the perfect candidate for some of jobs you are applying for

If any of this sounds like your situation, you probably have something simple that needs to be fixed on your resume.  Not to worry because we have the solution for you…

Future of Your Career Resume Review Service

Don’t let another day go by missing out on interviews and jobs you were meant to have.  Let me help you get there.

With the Future of Your Career Resume Review Service you will gain the confidence that your resume will pass the six seconds of scrutiny from recruiters and hiring managers with the best possible chance of getting the right interviews.

Based on years of hiring people, I will advise you on making the best possible resume.

Based on years of hiring people, I will advise you on making the best possible resume.

About the Future of Your Career Resume Review Service

The Future of Your Career Resume Review Service is offered by me, Kevin Sanderson, an experienced hiring manager.  You can rest assured that the advice I give you will help your resume do its job of getting you the interviews as opposed to being needlessly thrown in the trash.

The advice on improving your resume is backed up by my experience:

  • Over 16 years of experience
  • Reviewed thousands of resumes
  • Interviewed hundreds of people for professional positions
  • Have been entrusted by companies small and large to make the final decision of who did and didn’t get hired

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not completely satisfied with the service, you will be refunded 100%.  This means that will get great advice, and you have noting to lose.

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What if I don’t have a resume that is ready to be reviewed?

binderlayingopen-gbThat’s okay.  I can help walk you through how to write your resume. Just sign up for the free, no obligation resume email course.

You will get step by step instructions on how to put together the best possible resume.  It will delivered to your inbox in simple, bite-size pieces making it an easy task to take on.

ADDED BONUS:  If you sign up today, you will also receive the Future of Your Career Resource Guide.  It is packed full of actionable advice and tips for better resumes, interviewing, and growing your career.

Last updated : June 28 2014