Upcoming Shifts in the Workforce Will Dramatically Impact Your Career

There was once a time when simply working hard and being faithful to a company would be rewarded.  In the “good ol’ days” of jobs, you could have a comfortable career working for a good steady company.  If you did a good job at what you were supposed to do, you might earn a tap on the shoulder every now and then from the higher ups that it was your time to get promoted.

During this golden age of jobs, you could have been rewarded for your loyalty with the promise of a pension and a gold watch after a safe and cushy career.

Over time, the dynamic of the workplace began to shift.  Companies evolved and looked for ways to save money by operating more efficiently.  Sadly, this efficiency came at the cost of many jobs that may never return.

In recent years, the news has reported a depressing story. The trend to cut jobs to run more efficiently went on steroids during the Great Recession.  The bottom of the job market pretty much fell out.

There has been a sluggish recovery to regain those jobs, but the recovery to get these jobs back has been painfully slow.  If you believe what you hear in the news, it would seem like there is little hope for the future of our job market.  Is this true?

With a little understanding of the past (i.e. birthrates in the U.S.), you can understand the true growth potential in your career.

With a little understanding of the past (i.e. birthrates in the U.S.), you can understand the true growth potential in your career.

Today’s reality is that there are good jobs out there.  The future is brighter than many think.  Believe it or not, there is tremendous for growth opportunity in the near future for those who get motivated to prepare for these opportunities now.

Here is where many in the news media have missed the boat on writing the true story of what will radically transfer our economy and the jobs market.  The “babyboomer” generation (those born between 1946-1964) has begun reaching retirement age.

This age group represents 77 million people and roughly 40% of the workforce in America.  Think about what a large segment of the population this represents.

Mass retirements of the babyboomers will leave behind enormous holes in the employment market and cause shortages of employees for many companies.  This will cause a domino effect.  As experienced employees leave the job market, someone has to fill their job.

Let’s illustrate how this works.  If the CEO retires from a company, someone will get promoted to fill his job.  Then someone will be promoted to fill the job previously held by whoever took over for the CEO.

The retirement of the CEO could cause countless numbers of people to be promoted.  No matter where you are in your career, you can take advantage of these openings somewhere down the line.

If there are so many babyboomers set to retire, why aren’t there more jobs opening up?

One of the biggest problems to come out of the Great Recession was the fact that many people took big hits to their retirement accounts and real estate holdings.  For many babyboomers, the chance of retiring has seemed like a distant impossibility.

With many things in life, what goes down also bounces back up.  At the time of this writing, the stock market has crept back into record territory.  Many areas around the country are actually seeing a surge in real estate prices.  This has made a retirement, that had seemed hopeless, to become a realistic option for many babyboomers.

This means that more and more babyboomers will retire in the coming years.  The job market that now seems sluggish will open up to those who are ready to ride the wave of job opportunities left in the wake of these retiring babyboomers.

Will everyone get to take advantage of this unprecedented opening up of the economy?

The retirements of the babyboomers will give many people opportunities to take on significant and meaningful job opportunities that had previously seemed unattainable.  Whether you want to make a career change to something you are more passionate about or get a promotion in a job you love, the opportunities will be there if you are willing to take action today to move yourself forward.