Seven Simple Ways to Advance Your Career

Getting to where you want to go in your career is fun.  It is fulfilling. It comes with a deep sense of accomplishment.

With a few simple actions, you can expand your career and get you to the jobs and places you want to go.  Here are seven ways you can start working on your career now that will move you in the direction of where  you want to go.

Develop yourself

You cannot wait on anyone else to help you get to where you want to go.  As the great success philosopher Jim Rohn once said “what if they never come?”

Read books, listen to audiobooks and podcasts, and find people to talk with who are doing the jobs you want to do.  Take on projects that stretch your current abilities and get you exposed to new ways of doing things.  If you think you do not have time, you probably have more than you realize.  For example, the time you spend on your commute to work can be filled with listening to positive and educational materials like audiobooks and podcasts.

Finding mentors

Without a doubt, there is no one who will own your career the way you will.  With that said, you cannot do it alone.  You need to find mentors who are willing to help you and give you advice on how to grow and develop.

Small and simple actions that you take now will add up to big things in your career.

Small and simple actions that you take now will add up to big things in your career.

In my experience, informal mentoring relationships are the most effective.  Any time you have someone who is assigned by a company, some program, or school, the relationship just does not seem to work out as well.  There is something to be said for actually going out and finding a mentor on your own.  I have found this to be true as both a mentor and a mentee (someone being mentored).

Create a team of people

In addition to mentors, you want to have a team around that supports you.  These can be people you can call on when you need something as well as they can reliably call you when they need something.  Look for people who are your peers, your leaders or higher up than you in an organization, and especially those who are not as high up as you are.

One way to really get people on your side is to say genuinely nice things about them when they are not around.  The best and most sincere compliments are often the ones that people find out about after the fact.  In turn, people will naturally want to compliment you when you are not around.

Expand your own network

Your team of people should extend past those that you know well or work with on a consistent basis.  Oftentimes the people that you see or hear from the least often can have the most profound and far reaching effects on your career.

Offer your suggestions

If you have opinions, share them.  Never assume that your ideas do not mean much.  As long as you are receptive to the ideas of others, they will usually be receptive to yours.  Far too often people fail to participate with their ideas and suggestions for fear of being turned down or looked down upon.

If you are feeling this way, it is most likely just in your head.  No one gets ahead in life by denying the world the gift of their participation.

Even if you get shot down for your opinions, the people around you will respect you more for having the courage to express your ideas in a positive and respectful manner.

Help others

Helping others is one of the fastest ways to show leadership ability.  Others take notice take notice quickly when you are helpful.  Be aware of where others can benefit from your help and offer it to them.

The easiest way you can help people is possibly the most forgotten and most neglected.  Simply give people the gift of your attention by being present wherever you are.

In our digital and fast moving age (this makes me sound old), our attention is constantly being tugged in different directions.  Avoid multitasking because it is better to do one thing at a time well than several things.

Don’t stay anywhere longer than you want to

Please understand that by no means am I saying to jump off the ship without a life jacket.  We have all heard statistics recent statistics  that say that less than 20% of people are completely satisfied with their jobs.

Life is too short to stay at a job that you do not like.  It is my sincere hope that this site has helped you understand that the forces of supply and demand will increasingly grow in your favor in the near future.  The future (both short term and long term) favors those who take action today.

Whether you get career advice from this website, another source, or a combination of sources, continue to grow and develop.  Whenever the time is right, maybe today, maybe next year – use this guide and come back to to get the actionable advice that will help move you ahead as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Last updated : April 30 2014