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Common Types of Interviews

Knowing what type of interview you are heading will make you feel more confident and prepared.

Everyone loves getting a new job, but few (if any) enjoy the interview process.  Let’s face it, the interview is one of those necessary evils in life that we all must go through.  It can be scary interviewing for a job whether or not you actually know the person that you are interviewing with. You […]

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5 Easy Ways to Get Your Resume Seen by a Real Person

It is critical that you get your resume in front of the right people who can get you hired.

Do you have your resume all put together?  If so, great, this will come in handy. If not, follow along and picture this… The format is perfect.  Your words describe the perfect candidate.  If a Word document could be a work of art, your resume is like the Sistine Chapel. You have proofread your resume […]

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Last updated : April 15 2014

8 Simple Tips to Make Your Resume Amazing

Following a few simple tips will make your resume stand out for the right reasons

Writing your resume can sound like an easier task than it can be once you start typing it up.  Your resume can help open doors if done well and can quickly close doors if done poorly. This is a list of eight tips to make your resume shine and keep you in the running for […]

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Last updated : June 3 2014

How to Know Who Decides Who Gets the Job

You never truly know who the most influential people are in a job interview.

Applying for a job can be scary.  Typically, you can end up meeting with one person or a whole load of different people.  The hardest part sometimes is knowing who these people and who are going to be the most influential as to who is going to make the decision of who to hire. The […]

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Last updated : March 3 2014

Why Much of the Advice About Resumes Is Wrong

Your resume is a tool to keep you in the conversation.

You have heard it before.  “Make your resume stand out.”  This advice is based on the hope that the recruiters and hiring managers are going to say “By golly, this is the right candidate” just by looking at your resume as they diligently read through all of the resumes from those who have applied for […]

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Last updated : February 17 2014