Job Search Checklist

You can be the best candidate, have the best resume, and hit an absolute home run for an interview.  Even when you are the ideal candidate, there is not guarantee that you will get every job that you apply for. However, you CAN put the odds in your favor and be able to get more jobs offered to you if you put what you learn on this website to use.

Use this checklist to make your next job search successful

Use this checklist to make your next job search successful

Be honest with yourself, and if you can put into practice the concepts in this website/guide, you will stack the odds in your favor and make you way more likely to get the job than if you did not, this is a checklist can help you successfully go from application to hired.

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Successful Job Search Checklist



Before applying

_________ Decide what you want to do
_________ Talk to people you know and trust
_________ Find people who can help get you introductions inside the company/organization you want to apply
_________ Do research on the company/organization you are applying to work for


_________ Written for humans to ready, not computers
_________ Objective, if used, ties in directly with the specific position you are applying for
_________ Descriptions are concise, easy to read, and start with action verbs
_________ Accomplishments and value you provided to other employers are showcased
_________ Responsibilities show results of what you did
_________ File name is not too generic
_________ BONUS: Resume is in the hands of a real person

Before the interview

_________ Drive to the site of the interview the day before, if possible
_________ Review your resume
_________ Make notes of the accomplishments and responsibilities you want to discuss
_________ Find out name of who you are interviewing with
_________ Research the person you are interviewing with (social media, company website, coworkers/associates in your network)
_________ Plan out what you are going to wear

Day of the Interview

_________ Arrive to the site of the interview a minimum of 10-15 minutes early
_________ Check in five minutes early
_________ Ask at least three questions
_________ Greet everyone you meet with a sincere smile and a firm (not forceful) handshake
_________ Feel and be confident – you have the interview because you are a good candidate
_________ Have fun, be yourself, and don’t forget to breathe



Last updated : May 27 2014