Job Search Checklist

You can be the best candidate, have the best resume, and hit an absolute home run for an interview.  Even when you are the ideal candidate, there is not guarantee that you will get every job that you apply for. However, you CAN put the odds in your favor and be able to get more jobs offered to you if you put what you learn on this website to use. [Read more…]

Last updated : May 27 2014

Three Basic Interview Questions

Have you ever left an interview and wondered what was the point behind some of the questions?  In most interviews, you will be asked a range of questions to get to know if you are the right person for the  job. Some questions will seem standard like “what are your strengths ?” or “tell me about a time when you…[situation you would face in the job].”

Many other questions asked of you will seem as though they have come out of nowhere, and in many interviews you will get questions that you have never been asked before and likely never will again.

In almost any company, your future boss has a boss. This is regardless of whether you are interviewing with a CEO or a newly promoted front line manager because even the CEO reports to the board of directors and/or the owner(s). By deciding whether or not to hire you, they are thinking about what their boss will think.

They are trying to predict how successful you will be, what you bring to the table, and whether you will be able to get along with the people already working there. [Read more…]

Last updated : April 22 2014

How to Prepare for an Interview

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success” -Alexander Graham Bell

When you walk into an interview, in a matter of seconds, the interview has made a decision on whether they believe you are prepared for the interview or you are winging it.  Which impression do you want to give?

Candidates who appear prepared for the interview are also more likely to seem prepared for the job.  There tends to be an aura of confidence and belief in their ability to do the job and work at the company.

On the other hand, there are some interviewees who seem like they have problems showing up on time, don’t seem to have their thoughts together, and can’t quite articulate their answers to basic questions.  What do you think the perception of these people is?  You guessed it.  The interviewer thinks that this person is incapable of doing the job and quickly decides not to hire this person.

Don’t let yourself come across as unprepared with your interviews.  [Read more…]

Common Types of Interviews

Everyone loves getting a new job, but few (if any) enjoy the interview process.  Let’s face it, the interview is one of those necessary evils in life that we all must go through.  It can be scary interviewing for a job whether or not you actually know the person that you are interviewing with.

You can, however, cut through the anxiety and nervousness that comes with interviewing.  The best way to get around these type of feelings is to combat them with confidence and take back a little control of the process.

Being confident comes with practice and preparation.  The practice comes with time, while you can always prepare whether you are interviewing for the first time in your life, are a seasoned pro, or are a seasoned pro.

To prepare for an interview, it helps to know the types of interview you come across.  [Read more…]

How to Know Who Decides Who Gets the Job

Applying for a job can be scary.  Typically, you can end up meeting with one person or a whole load of different people.  The hardest part sometimes is knowing who these people and who are going to be the most influential as to who is going to make the decision of who to hire.

The bottom line is that you really do not know.  Even if you have friends or family members inside a company, and you have a good feeling of who the major players are, never underestimate the influence or importance of anyone you meet or come in contact with. [Read more…]

Last updated : March 3 2014