3 Steps to Start Your Job Search Off Right

How you start off a job search can have a profound impact on how long it takes to get the job you want and whether or not you find a job that will make you happy.  I am going to walk you through three steps that are small investments in time that will make your job search as smooth and easy as possible. [Read more…]

Last updated : August 7 2014

8 Sure Fire Signs It Is Time to Leave Your Job

Do you remember what is like… that first day at a new job? We have all been there.  The joy.  The excitement. The optimism.  The feeling of being ready to seize the momentum and boldly charge into the future.

It’s the first day on new job.  New doors have been opened, and you couldn’t be more excited about what is to come.  You have found a company whose values align perfectly with yours, and at this moment, you see a happy future in a great job at an amazing company with a terrific boss.  You can almost see yourself retiring there.

Naturally, this first day high of excitement has a way of fading and turning into a new reality of the stresses and expectations that come with the job.  Over time, the job can be become a source of inspiration and fulfillment or a burden of expectations. [Read more…]

Last updated : July 18 2014

10 Important Pieces of Career Advice for Graduates (and Those Past Graduation)

Each year around graduation, I think back to the advice that I received around graduation time.  Not only have I been able to put to action much of the advice given to me, I also have learned a tremendous amount through the greatest teacher of all… experience.

Reflecting back on my career, I have been thinking about what I have learned and what I would tell my younger self if I could go back to the 90’s and talk to my high school and college self.   [Read more…]

Job Search Checklist

You can be the best candidate, have the best resume, and hit an absolute home run for an interview.  Even when you are the ideal candidate, there is not guarantee that you will get every job that you apply for. However, you CAN put the odds in your favor and be able to get more jobs offered to you if you put what you learn on this website to use. [Read more…]

Last updated : May 27 2014

Seven Simple Ways to Advance Your Career

Getting to where you want to go in your career is fun.  It is fulfilling. It comes with a deep sense of accomplishment.

With a few simple actions, you can expand your career and get you to the jobs and places you want to go.  Here are seven ways you can start working on your career now that will move you in the direction of where  you want to go. [Read more…]

Last updated : April 30 2014

Upcoming Shifts in the Workforce Will Dramatically Impact Your Career

There was once a time when simply working hard and being faithful to a company would be rewarded.  In the “good ol’ days” of jobs, you could have a comfortable career working for a good steady company.  If you did a good job at what you were supposed to do, you might earn a tap on the shoulder every now and then from the higher ups that it was your time to get promoted.

During this golden age of jobs, you could have been rewarded for your loyalty with the promise of a pension and a gold watch after a safe and cushy career.

Over time, the dynamic of the workplace began to shift.  Companies evolved and looked for ways to save money by operating more efficiently.  Sadly, this efficiency came at the cost of many jobs that may never return. [Read more…]