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About Future of Your Career

Future of Your Career is brought to you by Kevin Sanderson who brings to you over fifteen years of experience in the hiring process to help give you real-world advice.  You can trust that Kevin’s advice will be based on not just sound theory but from real practice.  Over the years, Kevin has made the hiring decisions and decided who got the job and who did not.

His career in the hiring process began as an intern for the largest single site employer in the United States.  He quickly worked his way up into management where continued to be advocate of the hiring process and developed a passion for helping to mentor and develop others.

Having worked in companies of all sizes from small business to the Fortune 100, Kevin has hired people into some of the most coveted entry level, sales, and management positions in those companies.

With a keen sense of what has held people back while others were propelled forward, Kevin can save you from the mistakes that many make.  At the same time, he will show you how to better position your strengths and passions to grow your future career.

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Last updated : April 14 2014