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Insider Secrets: 4 Things Hiring Managers Want

What hiring managers want

Have you ever been to an interview and left not really knowing how it went?  Sure you have.  We all have.  It is not uncommon to leave an interview, and think “what the heck just happened?”

It can be difficult trying to figure out what is going on inside the head of the hiring manager.  Even if you get a good vibe from an interview, you can still leave with a degree of uncertainty. Continue reading…

Last updated : August 7 2014

3 Steps to Start Your Job Search Off Right

Starting your job search off right will help you more quickly get to the jobs you want.

How you start off a job search can have a profound impact on how long it takes to get the job you want and whether or not you find a job that will make you happy.  I am going to walk you through three steps that are small investments in time that will make your job search as smooth and easy as possible. Continue reading…

Last updated : August 7 2014

8 Sure Fire Signs It Is Time to Leave Your Job

colleagues arguing

Do you remember what is like… that first day at a new job? We have all been there.  The joy.  The excitement. The optimism.  The feeling of being ready to seize the momentum and boldly charge into the future. It’s the first day on new job.  New doors have been opened, and you couldn’t be […]

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Last updated : July 18 2014

How to Format a Resume That Gets You Hired

A well-formatted, easy to scan resume can make the difference of whether you get an interview or not.

Many people believe that their resume is going to be reviewed by prospective employers with painstaking detail. After all, we put so much work into our resumes that we would like to think that it is going to be read by employers. The harsh reality is that studies show that resumes only get reviewed for […]

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Last updated : July 10 2014

10 Important Pieces of Career Advice for Graduates (and Those Past Graduation)

Graduation is the exciting beginning of what can be a successful and happy life and career.

Each year around graduation, I think back to the advice that I received around graduation time.  Not only have I been able to put to action much of the advice given to me, I also have learned a tremendous amount through the greatest teacher of all… experience. Reflecting back on my career, I have been thinking about […]

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Job Search Checklist

Use this checklist to make your next job search successful

You can be the best candidate, have the best resume, and hit an absolute home run for an interview.  Even when you are the ideal candidate, there is not guarantee that you will get every job that you apply for. However, you CAN put the odds in your favor and be able to get more […]

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Last updated : May 27 2014

Seven Simple Ways to Advance Your Career

Small and simple actions that you take now will add up to big things in your career.

Getting to where you want to go in your career is fun.  It is fulfilling. It comes with a deep sense of accomplishment. With a few simple actions, you can expand your career and get you to the jobs and places you want to go.  Here are seven ways you can start working on your career […]

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Last updated : April 30 2014

Upcoming Shifts in the Workforce Will Dramatically Impact Your Career

With a little understanding of the past (i.e. birthrates in the U.S.), you can understand the true growth potential in your career.

There was once a time when simply working hard and being faithful to a company would be rewarded.  In the “good ol’ days” of jobs, you could have a comfortable career working for a good steady company.  If you did a good job at what you were supposed to do, you might earn a tap […]

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Three Basic Interview Questions

There are three basic questions being asked in interviews: do you want the job, can you do the job, and do they want you to do the job.

Have you ever left an interview and wondered what was the point behind some of the questions?  In most interviews, you will be asked a range of questions to get to know if you are the right person for the  job. Some questions will seem standard like “what are your strengths ?” or “tell me […]

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Last updated : April 22 2014

How to Prepare for an Interview

How you prepare before the interview will make your more confident and give you an edge on getting the job

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success” -Alexander Graham Bell When you walk into an interview, in a matter of seconds, the interview has made a decision on whether they believe you are prepared for the interview or you are winging it.  Which impression do you want to give? Candidates who appear prepared […]

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